All American Season 2 Episode 2

All American Season 2 Episode 2: After a dramatic first episode, ‘All American’ might see a new character emerge in the second episode titled ‘Speak Ya Clout’. At the end of the first episode, Corey James (Chad L. Coleman) meets a young boy who he calls his “son”. No sooner did fans see that sequence, they were perturbed and wondered how Corey has another son — that too, Spencer’s age.

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The CW recently released a 30-second promo for the second episode and it shows how the new boy from Nevada is now in the football team and Spencer James (Daniel Ezra) is pretty bummed about it. Later, in one scene, he realizes the boy is his stepbrother and accuses his dad of having another family. “You didn’t miss us, you replaced us,” he tells him.

The new revelation also affects Spencer’s performance on the field as he doesn’t have his “head in the game.” Moreover, there’s also a clip of Olivia Baker (Samantha Logan) and Layla (Greta Onieogou) having a serious discussion about Spencer’s dad.

Fans can’t believe that Corey has another son and have been posting about it on Twitter. “So I just got done watching the new episode of All-American… WTF!! Corey gotta son same age as spencer? That means he was having an affair before the moms?” one tweet read, while another said, “Yeah I guess the way I saw it was that Corey was his father but now that I think about it, it could be a nephew, younger (much younger) brother, son, or maybe an ex-gfs son.”

One fan, however, couldn’t stop gushing over Spencer’s half-brother’s looks. “Honestly I’m super mad that All American made Corey have a whole new family but Spencers half brother looks so cute :),” the tweet read. “All American finna be good this season but I’m mad that Corey getting mad at Grace for sleepin with Billy and he got another son who the same age as Spence. That’s why he probably left them from the beginning & he worried if Dillan his or not but spencer brother cute tho,” a fan wrote.

As the new episode premieres on The CW on Monday, October 14 at 8 pm EST, it will be interesting to see how the new kid’s entry changes Spencer’s bond with his father.

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