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Nebraska vs Minnesota Live Stream The Gophers have been blessed by one of the more favorable schedules of any Power Five team this season, and we’re going to learn a lot about them after Saturday.As things get closer to kickoff, here are today’s keys to victory for the Huskers over the Gophers. Minnesota is currently listed as an 8 point favorite for Saturday’s 6:30 pm game that can be seen on FS1.



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The Huskers have already tied their wins from the last two seasons. There’s a lot of season left and I can’t wait for them to win out. Nebraska will be handing Minnesota it’s first loss on Saturday and these are the reasons why. The forecast for Minneapolis on Saturday is looking to be about 40 degrees and rainy.We all know that in

football the weather can effect the outcome of the game.Minnesota Coach PJ Fleck has been pulling out the stops getting his guys ready for a potentially cold and wet game. His players have been icing down their hands and playing with iced footballs.

Mike: Hope the $5 Broken Chair Trophy is properly waterproofed for this game. Gotta keep Nebraska’s only rivalry trophy intact.Patrick: Chair!Uglydog56: I admit, I do like chairs.Brianna:

There is nothing better than a good, broken chair.Jill: Chair! Chair! Chair! Chair! Chair!SpartyOnHuskers: Last week is but a happy memory of love and marriage to reflect on in the area I grew up in through childhood. No football took place, and you will not convince me otherwise.Nate M: I’m in the market for a chair.Andy: Some decent games for a change. I say we bring Mick Foley to Lincoln next year and have Andy Roddick bust him over the head with a chair.

University of Oklahoma 27 University of Texas 17Uglydog56: Our horses are currently in Texas, receiving training from the greatest obstacle racehorse trainer in the world. Texas still sucks. Sooners Boomer.Brianna: Oklahoma!Jill: You can’t spell overrated without T-E-X-A-S.

Sooners 31 Longhorns 22SpartyOnHuskers: A team with no defense taking on a team that is perpetually “BAK” despite losing to Maryland. Burnt orange looks ugly.Mike: This has been a pretty competitive series in recent years, and Texas has their best team since Colt McCoy was Ndamukong Suh’s rag doll toy.

Andy: The Red River shootout actually begins tonight when drunken Okies & Longhorns will have the streets running green with rivers of piss and vomit. These crazy dickheads will fill the hospitals and jails as drink like Vikings and blunder through the streets with no care for their safety or anyone else’s for that matter. Stay the hell away lest random furniture thrown out of a hotel window lands on your skull. Sooners 38 Longhorns 26

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